Case Study: Joint Replacement

Extending Independent Living with Surgery in Mexico

Waiting for surgery is pretty standard in Canada where Harriet lived. The estimated wait time for a knee replacement was ten months, nearly a year. For nearly everyone, the wait is annoying, but for Harriet it was a serious problem. Harriet provided the care for her disabled husband who was nearly helpless without her. Ironically, Ralph’s knees were fine. He had a lung condition and used oxygen, but it was Harriet, who needed the knee replacement.

Facing nearly another year of unbearable pain was a nightmare for Harriet. As much as she would liked to have had the surgery at home in Canada, if there was a way of getting her knee done faster, Harriet wanted to know about it. After all, if she wasn’t able to take care of herself and Ralph, how would they manage? Her mobility was the key to keeping them both out of the nursing home.

When Harriet heard that she might find a solution to her dilemma through medical tourism, she was relieved. However, she found that many of the places she looked into were on the other side of the planet and she didn’t think she could be comfortable with her knee being nearly immobile during such a long flight. Mexico, which was much closer, seemed like a possibility, but she had a lot of questions about the care there.

The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico is intended to help people like Harriet discover if Mexico is a viable option. It answers questions about the standards and practices, payment, and how to find quality care. It also helps prepare a patient for the cultural differences. For someone like Harriet, the peace of mind from knowing the facts makes it worth far more thank the purchase price of the book. It would have helped her prepare for hospitalization, would have answered her question and clarified the answer. Plus it would have provided additional information Sonia might not have known about to ask.

Like any good Boy Scout knows, Be Prepared! Learn about all the health issues involved with medical tourism in Mexico with your own copy of The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico.

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