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If you are planning to visit or live in Mexico, you need this book,
ow in its 3rd Edition!

•  Board certified doctors
•  Accredited hospitals
•  Prices of procedures
•  Quality of care & safety information

This book has all the essential information you need—

  • If you are seeking affordable medical treatment as a medical tourist
  • If you are living in Mexico, or planning to retire there
  • If you are a traveler to Mexico

This book is a comprehensive guide to the medical system in Mexico. It has been carefully researched and written by award-winning author, M.R. Paxson. At only $19.95, this is a tremendous value, especially when you consider that—

  • Approximately 25% of all travelers worldwide must seek medical attention.
  • Questions about finding the best medical care dominate expat user forums.

Here are just a few of the questions this book will answer:

  • Why is medical care more affordable in Mexico?
  • Will Medicare cover me in Mexico?
  • How can I find an English-speaking doctor in Mexico?
  • How are hospitals and medical treatment different?
  • What do I need to do in an emergency?
  • Will my insurance from my job cover me during my visit to Mexico?
  • Will I be able to get quality pharmaceuticals?

To better understand how this book might help you, see the Case Studies to the right.

The convenient 144-page e-book format means there are dozens of links directly to the resources you need. For travelers, the ability to print out just the pages you want to take offers obvious advantages over packing a heavy book.

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